No Selling Of Personal Data 

We understand the privacy of your information. We are strict about keeping your private information safe. Therefore, the company does not promote the selling of personal data. Also, we try really hard to cut down the data stored with us at all possible times.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

 We strictly follow everything mentioned in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Policy here states all the details about how we use the data you share with us

No Information Via Surveys and Offers

 None of your data is sent to us when you take up a survey or opt for any offer. The company only receives a notification which assures that the task undertaken is successfully completed.

No Email Spams 

We strictly abide by the anti-spam regulations. No mail is sent to you without your permission. You may choose the type of email you want to receive while signing up on the website. Also, you are bound to no contract, and you can unsubscribe the email anytime you want.

Responsible Parties 

We might share some of your data for various purposes only to trustworthy third parties. The data might include payment records. This is done in order to guarantee our tax assessments. It is also an essential step for auditing or if a government agency legally obliges us to do the needful.

Cookie Policy

 Our utilization of cookies has been restricted to capacities that are significant to the activity of our administration. When we have to recognize you, your Account ID is utilized rather than increasingly delicate information. There are certain trusted third party cookie scripts as well. So, when you enable the cookie option over the website, you give your consent to all these cookies.

IP Address

 Your IP address is a unique set of numerical address. The address is generally used to detect the location of the user. One can detect the location with around 99% of accuracy. Here is how we use your IP Address: We are required to look into your IP address in order to detect any unauthorized activities. So, for this single purpose, we collect your IP Address. The collected address is later processed in order to have an assurance that no unauthorized activity is taking place. Your IP Address is confidential information, and we do not pass it on to any third-party organization. However, our associates might share your active address with the company.

Email Address 

Email Address is generally used to pass on information through electronic means. Here is how we use your data: Your email address is collected by the company to contact you. Also, it is even used to identify that you are a real person. Collection of such data becomes important when you put it up on the payment section. Your Email address is solely processed for the purpose of communication or identification. Under no circumstances, we sell your email address. However, we might share the data with immensely trusted platforms like Facebook or Google. This is only done to link your account or for future advertisements.

Device ID

 Your device ID is a unique set of codes of your particular device. So, every time you use our website, we will receive your device ID. Your device ID is stored and processed in order to make sure that you are not performing any fraudulent activity. Also, your device ID is stored to allow tracking the conversions. We might share your device ID data with associate organizations and individuals for the purpose of tracking the conversions.
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