The original Mafia is being given away on Steam for a limited time

The original Mafia is being given away on Steam for a limited time



That's great news for fans of classic crime games! Unfortunately, the giveaway for the original Mafia on Steam is no longer happening. It was a limited-time promotion that took place in September 2022 to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary.

However, there are still ways to experience the original Mafia:

  • Purchase it on Steam: While it's not free anymore, you can still buy the original Mafia on Steam (price may vary depending on region).
  • Check other digital retailers: Look for the game on other digital storefronts like or the Humble Store. These platforms might offer the game at a discount occasionally.
  • Consider the remake: If you'd like a more modern experience, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a full remake of the original game with updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, and story elements. It's available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

The Original Mafia: A Timeless Classic Gets a Second Wind (Even if it Wasn't Free)

The allure of the criminal underworld has captivated audiences for decades. Games like Grand Theft Auto have cemented the open-world crime genre in pop culture. But before these expansive sandboxes, there was Mafia, a game that offered a focused, narrative-driven experience that launched in 2002. Recently, the internet buzzed with excitement as rumors swirled about the original Mafia being free on Steam. While that particular promotion has ended, this article delves into what made the original Mafia such a compelling title, and why it deserves a spot in the libraries of gamers who appreciate a well-crafted story.

A Mob Tale Well Told:

Mafia placed players in the shoes of Tommy Angelo, a humble cab driver who gets embroiled with the Salieri crime family. The game unfolded like a gangster flick, with Tommy rising through the ranks, completing missions, and witnessing the brutal reality of organized crime. The narrative struck a balance between excitement and consequence, making you question Tommy's choices and the morality of the world he inhabited.

Beyond the Shooting:

Unlike open-world crime games of today, Mafia offered a more linear experience. This allowed the developers to craft a richer story with memorable characters and well-directed cutscenes. Voice acting was top-notch, bringing the characters to life and immersing players in the world. Missions varied from exciting shootouts to stealthy operations, keeping the gameplay engaging.

A Legacy of Influence:

The original Mafia's impact on the gaming industry is undeniable. It helped popularize the narrative-driven crime game genre, paving the way for titles like Grand Theft Auto and Sleeping Dogs. Even today, the game holds up surprisingly well. While the graphics might show their age, the story, characters, and atmosphere remain engrossing.

The Enduring Appeal:

The original Mafia is a testament to the power of storytelling in video games. It doesn't rely on a massive open world or endless activities to captivate players. Instead, it focuses on delivering a compelling narrative with memorable characters and engaging gameplay. So, while you might have missed the free giveaway, consider picking up the original Mafia on Steam or other digital platforms. You won't be disappointed by this timeless classic.